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We make quality products primarily for the modelling and architectural markets.

Having a passion for what we do, our baseboard range is distinctive and made of high quality sustainable engineered ply wood.

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Elite Exclusives


We are proud suppliers of quality products we call EliteXclusives continue reading below.

The new Ewe Link2 is here!
Ewe Link2 24 Way under baseboardWe have been working for the last few months to replace our old Ewe Link which was a PCB mounted D Plug. We found this system restricted current and voltages too much on larger layouts so we re-invented our electrical links and upgraded our entire wiring system to accommodate DC or DCC up to 8 amps.

The illustration shows the Ewe Link2 connecting a lever frame control panel to one of our layouts in construction, enabling the control panel to be removed easily.

Gaugemaster Controls


Since 2013 Elite Baseboards have been supplying quality product from Gaugemaster Controls, many items we have found useful to us in our layout constructions are being added to this site constantly, if there is something you would like us to supply from any source please do not hesitate to ask us.


Cobalt Point Motors and S Levers DCC Concepts

One of the products Gaugemaster import are from DCC Concepts, we have used all their product extensively, and can advise which product goes well with a specific function, which you can also purchase from our DCC section of our shop soon.